2 thoughts on “Welcome Morgasms!

  1. Omg I absolutely love me some Morgan McMichaels!!!!!!!!! you are one of my favorite queens! Meeting you at Mickey’s June 18th was a dream come true!!!! hope to meet you again soon & go to lunch and grab a bite to eat , MY TREAT , lol !!!! I love you Morgan 🙂


  2. Dearest Morgan, I met you and we had a chat at Toucans in Palm Springs back in May (a dream come true for me). I truly adore you on so many levels! I’m just so pissed off because I was so f**king star struck that I didn’t get a selfie with you (or remember anything we talked about. Lol!). I hope you visit SF (my neck of the woods) because I will be there with bells on to hopefully get a moment to get that selfie. You are an inspiration! I love that you are always positive, confident and uplifting. I’ll come back to PS with my sissy next year and see you. Thank you for being you ❤


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